Distribution, threats and conservation status of the Wayanad Mahseer, Neolissochilus wynaadensis (Day, 1873) (Teleostei: Cyprinidae): an endemic large barb of the Western Ghats, India

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A. Ali
N. Dahanukar
S. Philip
K. Krishnakumar
R. Raghavan


The Wayanad Mahseer Neolissochilus wynaadensis (Day, 1873) is an endemic cyprinid fish that occurs in the upland streams and rivers of the southern region of the Western Ghats. This species has been listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species due to its restricted distribution and heavy declines in populations. Like many large cyprinids of the Western Ghats, N. wynaadensis is poorly known and documented, with very few verified records and voucher specimens. Based on specimens recently collected from Wayanad, Kerala, the type locality, as well as two additional locations in the Kodagu District of Karnataka; we provide information on the current distribution, phylogenetic position, threats and conservation. An updated conservation assessment of this species following the IUCN Red List categories and criteria is also provided.

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