Checklist of Orchids of Kottavasal Hills in Achancoil Forests, southern Western Ghats, (Kollam, Kerala), India

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Jose Mathew
K. V. George


The orchidaceous plant treasures in the Kottavasal Hills of Achancoil Shear Zone of the southern Western Ghats, situated in Kerala and a part of Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve, have not been subjected to a detailed floristic investigation.  Field surveys were conducted during the period 2009–2012 and 53 orchid taxa were collected and documented.  The present study points out that the orchid flora of Achancoil Shear Zone tends to have an affinity to the remnants of the Mozambique belt.


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Mathew, J. and George, K.V. 2015. Checklist of Orchids of Kottavasal Hills in Achancoil Forests, southern Western Ghats, (Kollam, Kerala), India. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 7, 10 (Aug. 2015), 7691–7696. DOI:
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