A recent record of the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin Sousa chinensis (Osbeck, 1765), (Mammalia: Cetartiodactyla: Delphinidae) from the western shores of Kachchh, Gujarat, India

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Devanshi Kukadia
Mayurdan K. Gadhavi
N. Gokulakannan
G. V. Gopi
Gautam Talukdar
K. Sivakumar


A total of six individuals of S.chinensis were observed near the Jakhau creek, which is the western part of Gulf of Kachchh. The GPS location of the sighting is 23°14’28.5†N and 68°35’54.0" E. The dolphins were spotted in the mid-high tide time on 03 December 2014 at 9.53 hrs (IST). These dolphins were found less than 10 m away from the shore at a depth of 1-10 m. The dolphins were observed for a time period of 20 minutes. The dolphins while leaping continuously, kept following the boat for sometime and approaching as close as five meters during certain occasions. These dolphins were also observed at the same time on the same location on the following day. A questionnaire survey with nearby fishermen had confirmed that these dolphins were seen in this part of Gujarat during winter. Therefore, it is assumed that weather condition and prey availability is favorable for this species during this period. This is the first record of S. chinensis in western shore of Kachchh district detailed study regarding the distribution of this species is required across the creek system of Western Kachchh.

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