A new species of Tylothrips (Insecta: Thysanoptera) with new records of four terebrantians and four tubuliferans from Manipur, northeastern India

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R. Varatharajan
K. Nishikanta Singh
K. Bala


 A survey carried out for thrips (Thysanoptera) at the Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur and at Manipur University campus, within  the Indo-Burma hotspot region of northeastern India revealed the occurrence of Anaphothrips incertus (Girault), Mycterothrips auratus Wang, Bamboosiella hartwigi (Pitkin), Euphysothrips minozzii Bagnall, Mycterothrips ricini (Shumsheer), Dolichothrips citripes (Bagnall), Xylaplothrips flavitibia Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish and X. inquilinus Priesner.  The occurrence of the first three species in India and the remaining five species in northeastern India is reported for the first time through the present study.  In addition, a new species, Tylothrips samirseni sp. nov. is described.

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