Further new additions to the lichen mycota of Andhra Pradesh, India

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S. Mohabe
A.M. Reddy
B.A. Devi
S. Nayaka
P.C. Shankar


During the lichen exploration in Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh several interesting lichen taxa were collected of which 10 species are reported here as new records for the state. The species includes Biatorella conspersa (Biatorellaceae), Caloplaca bassiae, C. poliotera (Teloschistaceae), Dimelaena tenuis (Physciaceae), Lecanora chlarotera, L. helva, L. interjecta, L. psuedistera (Lecanoraceae), Pertusaria melastomella (Pertusariaceae) and Porina tetracerae (Porinaceae). These taxa / species have been enumerated along with their characteristic features and distributional notes.

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