The family Rubiaceae in southern Assam with special reference to endemic and rediscovered plant taxa

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H.A. Barbhuiya
B.K. Dutta
A.K. Das
A.K. Baishya


Analysis of diversity, distribution and endemism of the family Rubiaceae for southern Assam has been made. The analyses are based on field observations in the three districts, viz., Cachar, Hailakandi and Karimganj, as well as data from existing collections and literature. The present study records 90 taxa recorded from southern Assam, four of which are endemic. Chassalia curviflora (Wall.) Thwaites var. ellipsoides Hook. f. and Mussaenda keenanii Hook.f. are rediscovered after a gap of 140 years. Mussaenda corymbosa Roxb. is reported for the first time from northeastern India, while Chassalia staintonii (H.Hara) Deb and Mondal is reported as a new record for Assam.

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