Spawning and early development of the endemic and threatened Yellow Catfish Horabagrus brachysoma (Günther, 1864) (Teleostei: Bagridae)

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L. Bindu
K.G. Padmakumar


The present study documents the embryonic and post embryonic development of the endemic and threatened bagrid catfish Horabagrus brachysoma under captive conditions. Ovaprim® induced fishes spawned after a latency period of 11.61±1.53 hr with 95.57±3.101 % fertilization and 68.6±30.96 % hatching rates. The fertilized eggs were non-adhesive and spherical with an average diameter of 1.61±0.05 mm. Hatching occurred in 24.9±1.75 hr after fertilization, producing larvae with a mean size of 3.94±0.112 mm. Mouth and barbels were prominent in two day old larvae. Yolk absorption was completed and the larvae attained a size of 5.9±0.307 mm by four day post hatch. The larvae accepted exogenous particulate feed from the fifth day onwards. The characteristic black humeral ocellus appeared in one week old larvae. The larvae achieved 58-65 mm in 85 days.

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