Golden Langur Trachypithecus geei (Khajuria, 1956) feeding on Cryptocoryne retrospiralis (Roxb.) Kunth (Family: Araceae): a rare feeding observation in Chirang Reserve Forest, Assam, India

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R. Das
H. Singha
H.K. Sahu
K. Choudhury


The Golden Langur Trachypithecus geei Khajuria, 1956, endemic to India and Bhutan is an endangered primate species (IUCN Red Data list). We report for the first time, a troop of 10 individuals of Golden Langur feeding on water trumpet Cryptocoryne retrospiralis (Roxb.) Kunth in four occasions during 2010 in Chirang Reserve Forest, Assam. Being an arboreal and canopy dwelling primate species, this is an unusual and rare phenomenon. This plant is rare in Chirang RF and the langurs selectively ate them. The secondary information on the chemical composition of the herb and future scope of study are discussed in the light of ethno-botanical application among some tribes.

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