Range extension of Ferguson Toad Duttaphrynus scaber (Schneider) (Amphibia: Anura: Bufonidae) up to the northern most limit of Western Ghats, with its advertisement call analysis

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A. Padhye
R. Pandit
R. Patil
S. Gaikwad
N. Dahanukar
Y. Shouche


Duttaphrynus scaber (Schneider) is known to occur in the southern Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats and northeastern India. However, there is no report of its occurrence from the northern Western Ghats from the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Here we report the occurrence of this species from the northernmost limit of the Western Ghats, a substantial range extension (approx. 550km) from the nearest known locality. We confirm our identification on the basis of morphology by comparing our specimens with a previously collected Duttaphrynus scaber specimen from Thrissur in Kerala State as well as on the molecular basis. Analysis based on the advertisement call of Duttaphrynus scaber, albeit preliminary, is provided for the first time for this species.

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