Catfish (Teleostei: Siluriformes) diversity in Karala River of Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal, India

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A.K. Patra


The diversity of fresh water catfish fauna of the Karala River in Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal was studied from February 2009 to January 2010. A total of seven species belonging to six genera and six families were identified. Bagridae was the dominant family with two representatives, whereas Amblycepitidae, Chacidae, Olyridae, Sisoridae and Siluridae were each represented by single species. Maximum fish diversity was recorded higher in Hakim Para (H =1.266) as compared with DasPara (H =1.218) and Aquiduct (H =1.04). The evenness index at three sampling stations indicates uneven distribution of catfish in this tributary, possibly due to the irregular depth of river, occurrence of submerged vegetation and physicochemical water characteristics.

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