On the identity and occurrence of Ophioglossum costatum (Pteridophyta: Ophioglossaceae) in Andhra Pradesh, India

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V.S. Raju
A. Ragan
S. Suthari
M.V. Ramana


Ophioglossum costatum (Ophioglossaceae) was collected for the first time from Telangana region and reported it as an addition to the fern flora of Andhra Pradesh, India. Ophioglossum costatum is a widespread pantropical species though not collected often owing to its distribution in small, undisturbed specific habitats, ephemeral nature (seasonality: monsoonal appearance) and misidentification with O. nudicaule in the herbarium (dugout and mounted specimens). The study stresses the significance of field characters for the correct identification of these rhizomatous geophytic cryptogams and brings out the differences between Ophioglossum costatum and O. nudicaule.

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