Cephalic chaetotaxy of the last instar larva of a pyralid: Syllepte derogate (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera)

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H.S. Rose
D. Singh


The study is focused on the chaetotaxy of the head of a cotton leaf roller i.e., Syllepte derogata (Fabricius) of family Pyralidae. Arrangement of various groups of setae, number of setae and punctures, and length of setae present on head of the last instar larva are described along with frontal and lateral chaetotaxic maps of head. Anioke & Boakye (1992) studied chaetotaxy of immature stages of this pest species and in this study identification is highlighted with illustration on mircosetae, setal arrangements, position on the cranium and length of each group in comparison with other groups besides cephalic chaetotaxy.

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