My contribution to the fungal knowledge of India

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V.B. Hosagoudar


This work is mainly based on the Western Ghats fungi but very a are from coolingtowers, Eastern Ghats, northeastern India and Andaman Islands. The work includes the fungi from Satara in Maharashtra; Nilgiris, Anamalai, Seithur hills, Godheyar, etc. from Tamil Nadu; mainly from Kodagu in Karnataka; most of the places in the Western Ghats of Kerala state have been covered. Since my work is distributed in 391 reprints (save the subsequent ones), an effort has been made here to bring all the taxa and information in one place. It comprises 6059 entries from the reprints giving an account of 2084 fungal taxa belonging to 259 genera on 2969 hosts/substrates. This is presented here as: Introduction, List of publications, Entries from the reprints, List of fungi, Fungal genera, Host/Substratum-fungus Index and Host Plants.

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