Journal of Threatened Taxa | | 26 December 2022 | 14(12): 22354



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#8304 | Received 06 December 2022



Corrections to ‘An unusual morph of Naja naja (Linnaeus, 1758) from Goa, India (Serpentes: Squamata)’


Nitin Sawant 1 , Amrut Singh 2, Shubham Rane 3, Sagar Naik 4  & Mayur Gawas 5


1,3,4,5 Department of Zoology, Goa University, Taleigao Plateau, Taleigao, Goa 403206, India.

2 Animal Rescue Squad, Bhaili peth, Bicholim, Goa 403504, India.

1 (corresponding author), 2, 3,

4, 5




Date of publication: 26 December 2022 (online & print)


Citation: Sawant, N., A. Singh, S. Rane, S. Naik & M. Gawas (2022). Corrections to ‘An unusual morph of Naja naja (Linnaeus, 1758) from Goa, India (Serpentes: Squamata)’. Journal of Threatened Taxa 14(12): 22354.


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An unusual morph of Naja naja from Goa (Sawant et al. 2022) was published recently to which Vyas & Patel (2022) have raised various concerns. In response, we wish to agree to the fact that there has been a clear oversight of an important reference and gaps in data collection which led to the misinterpretation. As pointed out by Vyas & Patel (2022) it could very well be a case of illegal wildlife trade for reasons such as photography or false beliefs. We did not refer to Wüster (1998) and hence failed to confirm the proper identity of this individual. With the current findings we conclude the individual to be a northwestern Indian form of Spectacled Cobra which might have come here through illegal wildlife trafficking and later released or might escaped from captivity.

There have been no reported cases of snake charmers involved in illegal trade of Spectacled Cobra in the state of Goa. Hence, we discarded the chances of this case could be of such illegal trade. Though we fail to provide any conclusive remarks on the surprisingly low subcaudal count, we would like to confirm that the tail was complete as it tapered and ended into a terminal scute. The snake was in the custody of the Goa Forest Department, and was examined for a brief period of time. Apart from the dorsal, ventral, and the sub caudal scales, rest of the scale count was performed by taking closeup photographs of all the aspects of the body.




Sawant, N., A. Singh, S. Rane, S. Naik & M. Gawas (2022). An unusual morph of Naja naja (Linnaeus, 1758) (Squamata: Serpentes) from Goa, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa 14(8): 21736–21738.

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