Partner with Journal of Threatened Taxa (JoTT)

The mission of the Journal of Threatened Taxa (JoTT) is to serve the wildlife community of researchers and conservationists by providing quick & easy access to peer-reviewed publications critical to their respective fields for conservation and/or for academic research & interest. 

JoTT is established to promote biodiversity conservation and allied fields including and not restricted to taxonomy, ecology, disease, surveys, assessments, management, etc. at absolutely no cost to the wildlife community, educators, policy makers, managers, and the general public.

JoTT strives to maintain high scientific standards in this regard, encourages a broad stream of subject areas, authors, global participation and publications without bias or prejudice.

JoTT does not promote exclusivity in its choice of publications to build up the journal marketing benchmark of higher impact determining scientific relevance in the academic world.

JoTT does not select manuscripts to publish with marketing intensions at the cost of invaluable data to science.

JoTT mentors new entrants and others in publishing scientific articles of high standard through the participation of several volunteer scientists (for peer review & editing) from around the world.

JoTT helps with English language editing of articles, to those in need of such assistance and from non-native English speaking countries, to bring it to standards of adequate communication.

The Wildlife Information Liaison Development (WILD) Society is looking for like-minded organizations and individuals who are willing to partner and support the Journal of Threatened Taxa and its team of professionals in continuing to bring out this incredible monthly international journal on conservation and taxonomy. 


Contact for more information and/or your commitment, write to:

Sanjay Molur, PhD
Founder & Chief Editor, Journal of Threatened Taxa

Or, call at +91 9677822997, +91 93853 39863