Four species of Commelinaceae, as additions to Andhra Pradesh, India

S. Salamma, M. Chennakesavulu Naik, M. Anil Kumar, A. Sreenath, Ravi Prasad Rao


Cyanotis vaga and Murdannia nimmoniana collected from Horsley Hills in Chittoor District; Cyanotis villosa collected from Horsley Hills in Chittoor District and Penchalakona in Nellore District; Cyanotis burmanniana collected from Tyda forests in Visakhapatnam District are new distributional records for the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.  Cyanotis vaga is recorded for the first time from southern Peninsular India.  Description, phenology, distribution, voucher specimen information and photographs are provided for all the species. 


Andhra Pradesh; Commelinaceae; new records.

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